Our Ministry Focus

  • Worship: Our entire lives are an act of worship. The times we gather together are focused worship and more importantly a celebration of who God is in the person of Jesus Christ and the incredible gift of a life worth living that He has given us.

  • Discipleship: If Christ has set us free shouldn't we strive to know Him better every day? At Table of Grace we are striving to gather in small groups that share an intimacy that is made possible by the sacrifice of Jesus and the freedom given because of that sacrifice. Our small groups strive to shed light on areas of darkness that are revealed by the work of the Holy Spirit and thereby claimed back from the enemy. The small groups of Table of Grace are our most important asset.

  • Fellowship: Because of the freedom given we can be in a right relationship with God and each other. Table of Grace looks for opportunities to gather in fellowship groups. If those groups are men gathered around a football game or women going on a retreat we are striving to create community around the simple idea that we all are travelers on the highway of life that leads to eternity. We can embrace our differences while celebrating our unity in the salvation that Jesus has made possible for us.

  • Outreach: "To who much is given... much is expected." Table of Grace has been greatly blessed by God and we are always looking for a way to give back to Him who has given so much for us. If it is Cuba or Immokalee we are looking for ways to serve the world and spread the good news of Jesus to the world both foreign and domestic.

  • Evangelism: Coming full circle our lives are lived out in the light of the One who gave everything for us. "Always be prepared to give a reason for the hope you have." This bit of scripture from Peter is a rally cry of our church. If that is played out with a word or a simple act of kindness we are living the Gospel and that is the easiest way to tell a lost world of the love God has for them... and us.


Chef Church

Chef Church is all about engaging the world through Christian hospitality. It is about meeting the needs of Christians that often work in an industry void of the Christian walk. We here at Table Of Grace Church are actively pursuing followers of Jesus Christ in order to make His presents known in a otherwise desolate industry.

Chef Don Splain

Table Of Grace Church

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